GameInfo eXtended (ESO addon)

Bank and Bag slot info

GameInfo eXtended is a tweak on top of the Game Information add-on (by @Sternentau) for The Elder Scrolls Online. Initially the purpose was to simply add bank slot status in addition to the bag/inventory slot status provided by Game Information. However, along the way some additional tweaks was added.

GameInfo eXtended helps you keep track of your totalt amount of items in your bag and bank. This is very convenient when your are depositing items to your bank as you will see the actual slots left (otherwise you have to switch back and forth between Withdraw and Deposit). It is also very handy when grinding at lower levels as you can quickly decide wether or not to pick up any more items depending on the number of free slots in the bag or bank (if the bank and inventory is full you better head back to town).

Main features

  • Displays quick summary of total and used bank slots (docks into the inventory slot information from GameInfo)
  • Disables bag info auto-hiding from _GameInfo_ when opening the Bank or Inventory
  • Adds alpha-channel (transparency) to the Bag and Bank information to give it a more subtle look (to limit the interference with the game immersion).


Full game view


Bank and Bag slot info (full game view)

Inventory/bank opened

Bank and Bag slot info when opened inventory


Bank ang Bag slot info

Bank and Bag slot info



Download GameInfo eXtended 1.3 from


Older versions

For older versions and further details, please visit the GameInfo eXtended page on ESOUI.



  • Elder Scrolls Online game client
  • Game Information add-on

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